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  1. Sorry its sold! how do I get admin to remove?
  2. BUMP! Need this gone peeps! PRICE DROP: $800
  3. FOR SALE: Ke20 Rolling shell LOCATION: WA CONDITION: Good Condition PRICE: $1000 ono INFO: I have for sale as per the title says 'ke20 rolling shell'. Car has 'T' series engine mounts and 'W' series box mounts as it previously had a 3tgte with a W58 behind it. Next to no rust and has had a recent paint job but done in backyard...can't tell from far away :) All locks and handles work perfectly but ofcourse the interior is abit shabby due to age. Unsure of the diff but certain it is original ke20 jap dif. Comes with many spares and also a new dash gauge to replace the MPH one that is currently in the car. Would Be an awesome start for anyone going down the 3t route with the mounts all being there! Please PM or MSG me 043 zero zero 214 two two
  4. Thanks for the info! extremely helpful..also found out an sr20 exhaust manifold suits a 3tgte so I'll head down that path for sure. Just wondering what sort of ECU management people are using? Cheers
  5. I would like to venture down the turbo path. Cheers.
  6. Thanks ^^^ Just curious on engine management also cheers!
  7. Hey all, I just went an found me a 3t wich is sitting on an engine stand ATM and I'd like to do as much work as possible and one major thing is setting it up for EFI. I'm sure someone has done it on here...any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I have noted everything important that has been said by you more experienced members an I thank you :D Gotta take in all I can on my 3t-->ke20 conversion :)
  9. now we is in the mother ʞ©$ɟing future! this shit be real..no smack talk since 29/09/2010<-----damn :lovin: see i thought this section was for the regional area in WA..being how I'm in PORT "HELLY" HEDLAND :paperbag: I'd thought I'd holla out.... "quit jivin me tuuurkkkeyyy...." :pulp:
  10. Aww very true! Thanks for the info guys! I think ill be heading in a w55 or 57 or 58 depending on availability really. I'm not aiming for massive power.
  11. I'm assuming the 3Tc had a w55...I am new to this from what you've already assumed haha Cheers
  12. Hey guys! I have a ke20 with T series engine mounts and W series gearbox mounts. What's the best gearbox should I use with a 3tc? Like which W series? And will just bolt up? Thank you.
  13. hey guys, I'm in need of a 3tc motor and a w58 box to suit my mounts i got in my ke20 :) biggest problem is I live in port hedland so don't get much time in perth to hunt down for what i need. THANK YOU!
  14. I see you don't mention a Ke20 but would the Ke30 kit be suited for the 20, obviously with some modifying but could it work? cheers!
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