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Glass Replacement


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So I've got a '78 KE55 Liftback here, and am in need of a replacement rear left window. The problem: I've tracked down a piece that looks like it will match, but it's being sold as a KE50 part- can anyone tell me if this will fit? Having a bugger of a time finding out.




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Hayley I think you're on the right path - this discussion has come up in the past year, maybe on the KE55, KE30 Facebook page - but it seems that some (maybe locally assembled?) liftbacks appear to be stamped KE55 on the firewall but they are indeed identical to the KE50 liftback.


Looking at yours I would've said it was a KE50. I think you could safely order a KE50 window with some confidence.

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Thanks for your advice everyone. In the end I called up the people selling the KE50 window and we went through some dimensions over the phone, it has since arrived and I've fitted it all ok.


The plate on the firewall says KE55, so I'm gonna go with that.


Dzhoel- I agree completely!

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