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Drift Ke70 Build


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Hey everyone, though id do a build thread of my ke project, maybe get some advice along the way and get more involved in the community

Building it for drift use only, not engineering it for roadworthy purposes


Bought it fairly stock, had an s13 front suspension and coilovers and that was it





First thing i did was remove the diff centre to weld, got it all welded up but unfortuantly broke on of the spacers between the diff bearing and the housing trying to get it back in

Had a real hard time trying to find one to replace it, decided to buy a mates vl commodore that was in a front end crash for $100 for the read end, got the mounts welded onto it and went in pretty well, wheels slightly off centre but easily fixed with a spacer when i measure it up for one. Currently drum brakes on it, will do the VN rear disc conversion soon. also ran into a problem with the rear springs when my dad threw them out thinking they where out of the vl, luckily the front springs off the ke where a good fit to temporarily have it on all 4 wheels to get it into the shed



Fitment with out the springs looked sick, unfortunately guards where literally on the tyres




Next step i took out the 4k and Got an engine mount from Jordanrolla to fit my 240kw s15 sr20det with s15 6 speed gearbox witch i will be test fitting this week some time, make all the holes and get it all mounted right before i take it all out and begin painting




s15 driveline, 240 kw with power fc and garret gt2871r



crossmember spacers, 20 mm lower then factory


also halfway done getting the interior stripped and all the ac and heater equipment removed as i will not need that to go sideways




thinking of a purple and white colour scream, purple bay, white exterior and purple interior


Thats it for now, will keep this updated with progress as best as i can and try to get a lot of photos!

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Yeah can't wait to finish it up!

Put on the engine mounts and tried a test fit

Obstructed by the dump pipe atm

Will wait till tomorrow to remove it and try again

Wanna check that everything clears and make sure it's all good with the rack and bonnet

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Quick update

Took the dump pipe off and test fitted the sr into the engine bay

Fits pretty well, fire wall needs some love for the gear box to get to the bolts and to get the dump pipe back onto the engine

Also anyone know where I could get adjustable front caster rods, can't seem to find any that look the same as the old ones

The mounts for on the lower control arm on mine arnt in line there curved

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Does your S13 front end mean you have s13 hubs and LCAs? My KE70 is running a S13 front setup so I bought some Hardrace S13 castor rods, cut out the 'single hole' mounting spot on the body side and drilled a sideways hole in the mount to suit.

The S13 and KE castor rods have completely different mounting points on the LCA side so maybe it's been set up with S13 hubs.

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