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Brodie day

7K Efi Here We Go!!

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i am going to paint with my KE70 and to do a good job I'm going to take my engine to spray the bay and now I'm thinking if the motor is coming out it might be a good time to upgrade

i have looked around for something that will bolt onto the blocks and trans that i already have in the car and the one that will work for me is the 7K(e) it comes out of a 2001 Toyota light ace van

I'm going to buy a car that is already running on the road so i know it runs and i have all the parts i need


so my question is has anyone done this before to a KE70. someonethat can tell me all the things that i need to know like all the little things i may miss and even if it is a good idea to do it at all although i am now pretty set on doing the 7K(E) now just because i think its the low fuss good result kind of engine conversion to do



thanks for any help :thumbsup:


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hi I'm new to the forum, all the way from south Africa cape town, how far you with the setup ? I wish I could get the 7k engine, over here we only have the 4k and 5k engines and that's about it, I just finished my 4k turb efi conversion ,everything is homemade, will love to see how far your setup is

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