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Springs and shocks

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Hi All

so I've got my king springs and more shocks for my 82 ke70.

is there a how to that will show me the process on here?

I'm confident in doing the swap, just thought there may be something I can learn off someone that may have done this before. Cheers Max 

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Nah, just take it easy with the spring compressors. I find air-driven rattle guns a bit to quick & violent for something with over a ton of force compressed within it.

Rear is quick 'n easy, car chassis on stands, jack under diff, wheels off, undo the shocks & lower the diff. The springs will lever out as the rubber brake line reaches its limit, so don't stretch the line.  Check for the rubber seats that the spring rides in, top & bottom, and obviously the bottom of the spring has an orientation.

Front is more of a job, car up, wheels off, calipers off and wired up so they don't hang on the lines, LCAs undone, two turret bolts off and the third one very loose.  A crowbar to lever the LCA down and the strut pops outwards, held up by that last strut nut.  Then fit the spring compressors and do them up until the spring is just coming loose. Rattle-gun the shock nut off the top and the spring lifts off. You have to take the spring compressors off that old spring and  compress the new spring. Put the strut in a vice to hold it while you use a plumbers wrench to undo the giant nut holding the shock in, and if they're original the tube is full of oil.

Clean the strut tube and put in the new shock, put the big nut back on and make sure the shock is held tight, then the spring and the steering stuff at the top. The shock nut goes on and the spring compressors come off. You should be able to stand on the LCA to fight the strut back onto the car, but its all a one-man job.

Don't put any gripping tool on the shock shaft, you don't want any marks on there.


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Thanks for the information,

I'm sure I can do it, just thought there may be something more needed to know,

thanks again Max666

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