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COPs on K Series Engine


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Hi Dave,

              Those COPs I used are still on ebay for less than $ 17.00.   They are stocked here in Australia, so it only took 3-4 days to get hold of them, & postage was free !


Cheers Banjo

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jeesus christ and here i am thinkin I'm all clever workin on making my carburettor automatic variable mixture.

this is just insane.

total respect from me here, I'm impressed, i don't think i could bring myself to manufacturing all the parts to make this engine efi or electronic spark.

just seems so difficult

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I finally got my 4 Wire connectors yesterday, for the Echo/Yaris CPOs, I am using .  What a drama !




Just wiring them all up on the head & frame I made.  Used a micro programmed to four outputs, at any rate (rpm) I want, & with adjustable dwell.

Went searching for what sort of input voltage/ current is required for the IGT (trigger) input.  

Came across this video.  


If you are interested in how the COP system actually works, as a few respondents to this post have; then this video is a must.  It actually refers to the Toyota COPs used on the Echo / Yaris.

Cheers Banjo

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