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I changed my brushes on alternator not long ago and was charging fine. Drove back from work today and the charge light come on and the battery's drained, do I need a new alt ? As I haven't touch the old wiring at all. The engine was losing revs and power as I was driving it to 

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Hi Jake,

              As the alternator you changed the "brushes" on, has no internal regulator, whatever is causing the alternator to not charge the battery, could be the alternator, the external regulator, a fuse, or a fan belt, or maybe even wiring coming loose.

Like last time, first you've go to check everything visually, & then work your way through each item/component that is part of the "charging circuit".

If nothing is visually obvious, then, I'd take the alternator off again, & make sure the brushes aren't the culprit again.

Cheers Banjo

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