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Ke30 club car

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We’re finally beginning to get back into doing some work on the cars. 

First priority is getting my ke30 club car going. Today Rob and I managed to tidy up some wiring in the engine bay and remove the majority of some very hard cracked paint and rust from the bootlid.

Obviously there’s still a lot more work to be done, including some more much dreaded sanding tomorrow, but we’re making progress.

forgot to take a pic of the bootlid before I started, but this pic is after hours of scraping and sanding :/

it looked like dry cracked mud prior!


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..and about time!  This having a family is bad for the motorsport!

'Dried mud' is the perfect description, I've never seen paint go so bad.  Still, it will clean up and you can rattlecan a few panels to make it look great again.

We bent up a water-pipe mockup of the rally car cage, bought the tubing for it and had an exhaust shop copy the mockup. Then we cut & tacked it all together and made the mounts before taking it back to the shop and having them weld it all up.  It was complicated because we wanted a bolt-in, so we can swap it from car to car.

That made a very economical cage, and a half-cage woud be cheaper again. There must be a pipe bender around somewhere that we can borrow for a day..

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