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ke20 break and rear diff upgrades

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i have just brought a ke20 and looking at putting a sr20 in it

I'm just wondering what people have done for break upgrades

and also rear diff upgrades



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Yes, definately quieter since instant social media took off.

The 'other' Newcastle.. been a while since I was down Rectory Rd.  All those people with their own version of English..


Brakes & diffs-  Most guys use Peugeot & Hilux, but most people add far too much unsprung weight to a light car.

What are you planning to do with the car??  ..and what sort of driver are you??  If its foot flat and burnouts everywhere, then use the big stuff.

If you can drive smoothly, then simplest would be AE86 front & rear.

If you can't find anything, just use old Celica front ends and sort out the steering arms. If you look up 'the girls KE70' you'll see I used Diahatsu Move ventilated discs on KE70 struts.   Then find a T-series rear. Upgrade to a G-series from the vans if you're keen.

I'd start at big wrecking yard with a camera and a tape measure, there are some 5-link rear diffs with discs on under a lot of vans now, and they are lighter than the ute stuff. 

Otherwise trawl the SR20 builds on here and Toymods, at least they have done the conversion.  I always wanted to put the SR20 out of my SSS into a Corolla, but it got stolen & torched.


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