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Hi team, 

First time post here so let me know if I’m doing this right.. basically I’m wondering if any members here are able to point me in the right direction for a tuning/carby specialist shop in the Rotorua/BOP area. Might be a long shot but worth a try.

I’m currently battling with my 4k build and hit a brick wall with the finer points of fuelling and breathing. Main points of interest on engine are - 1mm bored block/oversize pistons. 3k head with 20 thou skim. Wade 140 cam. Lightened flywheel. 

My current work schedule and being overseas has meant that I haven’t even touched the car in 3 months or so. And I can’t even remember where I left off, so pretty much wanting someone to come solve all my problems for me haha


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Ah- you're 20years tooo late!

This guy-


Jamie not only built his own sports cars & raced them, but he built rally car motors for everyone else. I worked for him for a few months back in '86 when I returned to NZ.

Even then he had turbo'd his wife's  Honda Prelude and fitted it with water injection to stop the detonation.

If he's still around he will have more knowledge on building old engines than anyone ese I know.  Try the old age homes but don't tell him I said that!

haha! Looks like he's still going!


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