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Ke70 4k-c won't start plz help

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Yeah, looks like there is a wire missing off the coil +ve.

The ballast resistor drops 12V down to 9V for the 9V coil, but it gets bypassed when you're cranking. So the +ve coil side has two wires, one straight from the key for cranking, and one from the ballast resistor for running. Then the -ve goes to the dizzy, and to the tacho if you have one, and often to a capacitor to get rid of radio noise.

Get a test light or a multimeter and find the wire that is +12v when the key is on cranking, it should be red,  that goes on coil +ve. Check that the wire from the ballast to coil +ve is live when the key is just on ignition.

Check where the coil -ve wires go to. You only need the one going to the distributor really.

With the points open and the key on ignition, you should get a spark across the points with a screwdriver.  There are wiring diagrams on here.

See how you go...


Oh, that purple wire just goes around the engine bay to the other side I think.

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