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You're a bit late to the party I'm afraid, the guys who did those conversions have moved on.  I've done a 4AGE but I can't tell you what you need for a 3SGE or a 20valve.  To get a J160 box into a KE70 we lowered the engine mounts and made the radiator front panel removable, and did beat the bell housing out a little.  That's on a 4AGE with SamQ's remote shifter & water blanking parts for the back of the head. We made custom gearbox mounts. Most of it is in here-

The 3SGE is a much taller engine, I obviously have one in my Altezza, and it would be a struggle to fit one in complete. I figure most guys who do it strip all the ancillaries off like power steering, aircon and the big engine mounts. That is all for the next rally car...

Don't forget your 4AGE motors and the T50 boxes are all getting old and worn by now.


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