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78 Coupe

4K Motor

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I just pulled down a 4K and it has the combustion chamber is in the piston.

What modle Corolla had this type of 4K?

This is the first time my father and I have found a motor like this.

Any help would be great.




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Hi Aaron,

                When an engine is that olde, all sorts of mods or refurbs could have been carried out in the intervening years, with dished pistons, & maybe a flat head being fitted.

However, if the engine is original, it could be a 4KU engine, which did have dished pistons as standard, & produced a bit more HP, than the more common 4KC engine. 

4K-C   43 kW,      4K-U   55 kW.

The 4KU is not commonly found now, so if you have got an original 4KU engine, hold onto it.

I've run one in my KE30 for years now, & it has been a great engine.

You can check out the difference of all the 4K engines at this link.


Cheers Banjo


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