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Ke30 front suspension

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Hey guys, car noob here. Had my baby for 7 years car wobbles like crazy between 40-70km gets better the faster I go or jerk the steering wheel around. Probably just needs bushes done but looking to refresh all my front suspension  and steering, any suggestion on good kits or parts ? Seen stuff on eBay don’t know if I trust it etc. thanks for the help

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Check for play in your balljoints, tierod ends, pitman arm and idler arm.

I will only use 555 branded parts.  I had a tierod fail once.......

Regrease and adjust your wheel bearings.  then assess how much play you have in the steering box.  Adjustment of this needs to be managed carefully.  Do realise that a recirc ball front end always has a little play in it.

Then get a good wheel alignment

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Hi Jake,

              Agree with everything Pete has mentioned above.  I've always found the number one culprit; & first thing to wear out, are the bushes in the idler arm bracket, on the opposite side to the steering box.  Very cheap & easy to replace.

The other thing, to consider is the balance of the two front wheels, in particular.  They are very critical, particularly in vehicles, like our Rollas, that use the McPherson configuration.  I've had numerous cars, over the years, which had McPherson type front suspensions, which have all had "wobble" problems at a particular speed, similar in range, to what you have described.  It just appears to me over the years, that the geometry & design of the McPherson arrangement, has very low tolerance to small amounts of "out of balance", of the front wheels. 

This problem can be exacerbated, by fitting wider rims, or messing around with the "geometry" of the front end.  

eg:  My KE30 Rolla, has a set of Pirelli Cinturators all around. I've found them over the years to be a great all-rounder, in both wet & dry, & extremely good wearing life.  However, when the Rolla has been sitting in the garage, on a concrete floor, for a few days, it will always wobble badly for the first few of klms, of driving.  It them stops & doesn't return on that trip.  I've had the front wheels rebalanced in days gone by, & it made no difference.  My theory, is that when the car sits on a hard surface for several days, the tyre distorts, & basically gets a couple of flats on them.  After driving a couple of klms, the tyre warms up, & the centrifugal forces of the wheel spinning, removes the imbalance & the flats.

Cheers Banjo




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