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Diff seal removal


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Hi Team

I need to replace the oil seal in my 6.7 inch T series diff. How necessary is the SST to remove the companion flange?

Any advice would be appreciated. I have the SST for the seal itself.

But the SST 09557–22022, or 09557-22021 are NLA

I will also need to replace one in another diff, so if there is a specific tool, i'm happy to buy it.   


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Members dont see this ad

There's a used one on Ebay for over $300... I reckon you could make one cheaper!!

You don't need one as I changed the seal on my T-series Celica diff a stack of years back and I don't own one. The trickiest bit was making a jig to measure the friction in the bearing as its only a few inch.lbs torque. I had a measured weight on a piece of string hanging off a little flat bar bolted to the flange and sitting out horizontally..

This is probably the same manual you have-





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Thanks Keith. That manual is far more detailed than what I was looking at and has some excellent stuff I would have missed. The genuine Toyota AE86 and Celica / Carina manual is a bit lacking here. 

I’ll go out and give it a go

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So my smallest torque wrench is no where near reading that low.  Have now got a beam wrench that can read that low on the way. 

Amused myself removing the equally hard rear transfer case seal instead.  The SST picked up years ago off Allan Taylor worked a treat at whipping that out.

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