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Ke70 wheel sizing

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Hi i am found some bbs rims with the specs of 15x7. 5jj et28, do you think its advisable to get these? If i do, i would put longer studs but have no idea how many mm spacer to use. Right now I'm using stock ke70 struts and the new rims are hitting the coils. My goal is to keep the stock fenders and have the rims flush. 

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The offset is a bit high for a ke70. You want closer to +10 for flush fitting yet stock guards. 

+28 might hit the strut too especially in 7.5

If you haven't bought the wheels yet i would look for something more suitable that you dont need spacers for. 

Here is some historic post that i mention that 15x6.5+23 hit the strut on my ke70, so your 7.5 +28 will definately hit. 


And here is a link to a heap of threads about ke70 wheels.



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I see, however provided i did get correct mm spacers, would it still fit? I've heard 7.5jj would be a little big for stock fenders however in my country Malaysia, there's not much options because most rims here et38. So having found a et28 was already a hassle. 😅😂 I know adding correct spacers is more work but i rather do more work and have it fit than spend a few more months to find correct rims haha. If it really wont fit then i wont get them. 

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Wheel spacers are very common; & readily available on line; but there are some serious implications if you "go overboard".   Are you wanting to put bigger wheeels on, just for "appearance", or are you wanting to do it, as a performance improvement to the car ?

Once you start fiddling with the geometry on front suspensions of cars with McPherson struts, then you have to get the geometry right, or you will finish up with "srubbiing" issue with you front tyres.

Here is a good article, that describes the implications; with diagrams; much better than I can.


Have a read, & if you have any more questions or queries, please come back, & ask them.

P.S.  I love what some of you Rolla owners do to Corollas in Malaysia.  You really worship your cars !

Cheers Banjo

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Appreciate all the support Banjo haha, Ke70s here are quite accessible and fun to drive and we buy Ke70s partially also due to ae86s costing close to 40k usd. I understand much more now from the article about how it affects the car but fitting wheel spacers and longer studs seems to be a path for me. As i said before, rims here are quite hard to find because most 15 inch rims are pcd100 or 114 with et33 - et38. Currently i have not bought them and will consider finding more suitable rims. Just wanted to find out more about this issue as some other rolla owners told me they were doing the same with adding spacers. I can agree it is borderline overboard because the specs are a little aggressive but this spec is one of the closest i can find compared to 15x7.5 with et10 or 20. Adding spacers will definitely not make it flush with the fenders though.

Thanks so much for the help Dave and Banjo 

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