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Ke20 idler arm questions

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The car has a fair bit of rust, I'm making patch panels and welding them in as I go. The front and rear shocks were collapsed so they are getting a complete rebuild. I should start a build post... 



I bought the ball joint press kit from super cheap. So it was a proper press. The press tube was a little shallow and left an impression on the bottom of the ball joint but it seemed only cosmetic.


These were the ball joints, 



But the new ones are ordered, so hopefully this weekend it'll be sorted

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Hi Geoff,

                Did you make those lower front guard panels yourself, or buy them from Rare Spares, who I know used to make them for early Corollas, as they were such a rust catch point ?


P.S.   Start a Build Post on here.  Always good to inspires others to have a go, when they see others attempting the same jobs.






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