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KE35 Rear-end

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Hey guys, 

Unfortunately 2 and a half weeks ago my poor rolla was rear-ended and pushed into the car Infront. 

Looking for advise on whether to get parts repaired or replaced.

Rear bumper is pushed in quite badly and has squished the boot area a small amount. Small amount of damage to front bumper, left fender pushed in and headlamp smashed as well as small damage to surrounding bits. I've seen that i can get a brand new aftermarket fender from panel house if anyone has any experience with that one before? If anyone has a headlamp or bumpers for sale please let me know, i'm located south Brisbane but happy to travel for the parts if i need. Otherwise if anyone has any advice on how to fix the rear end or experience with a good repairer i'd really appreciate it.


I've attached some photos for reference, Thanks








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gonna cost you a fortune to get that fixed professionally.  you might have to chat to a car restoration place, rather than a panel beater. most panel beaters these days don't beat panels, just paint them. 

But based purely on those photos I reckon you could get most of it fixed in the backyard to at least back to a drivable state. Just gotta have a go, you can buy/borrow hydraulic porta powers fairly cheap - but youve got to be careful what you push off, as you don't want to bend somewhere else at the same time. Big lumps of wood and big hammers too. you can probably bash out the bumper too but its hard to fix creases in chrome.

I dented the crease one on my e30 bumpers years ago, and i bashed it back into shape. most people cant tell, but if you look close there is still a crease. 

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