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KE20 4AGE Engine Conversion

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Been knocking around the Forum for a few years now since joining to discuss my KE20 4AGE engine version that some of the older members may remember.

Well believe it or not I eventually had a fast road spec engine built here in the UK by Macer Sports. With the engine I swapped out the 4 speed gearbox for a late T50 5 speed. Having great problems here in the UK sourcing a propshaft sleeve to fit the T50 output shaft.

I am now looking farther afield as i need 21/22 spline fitting as my T40 had a 19/20 spline output shaft.

Does anyone have a spare or know where I can source this part?

Thanks in advance folks.

PS here are a few pics of my progress after about 5 years!


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Great to hear you have had progress.  Have you decided which diff you are going to use?

If you are planning on using a 6.7 inch Toyota diff centre, you may want to consider sourcing an entire propshaft so you have the correct fitting at each end.

There is a solid AE86 scene in Ireland/UK with a number of people regularly breaking cars.  Mind you they are apparently all gold plated.  

Try https://www.facebook.com/groups/410002902532014/

In Australia these days I would get one from Yahoo Japan, but the shipping for you would likely make gold plated Irish parts cost effective.  There is a markup in Australia also as our AE86's came with the smaller 6.38 inch diff, so anyone going with  6.7 inch diff for the LSD needs to find the rear half of a TE72 tailshaft - not common here.  All the UK AE86's will be 6.7 inch from factory.  But bear in mind the Irish/UK guys import a lot of cars from Japan, and some of the Japanese models also had 6.38 inch rear ends, so don't get caught there.  But the gearbox yoke should be common.

Here are a couple on yahoo now.  Use google translate



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Hi Pete,

Thanks for your feedback. Iam going to tempt fate in the short term and will keep my KE20 diff and will just modify the front end and get it shortened. I have a KE30 diff that I am told is a little 'stronger than the KE20. As you say, the AE86 diff is so hard to find but I have had a couple of promises from guys in Ireland so keeping my fingers crossed.

Really want to get the car on the road now to get some use out of it.


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Issue with the AE86 rear end is its width, and being coil sprung. It will need to be cut down and converted to leaves. TE27 diff housings and axles come up often enough on yahoo Japan. I have a spare set of axles waiting for me to pickup from my local buying agent right now as I’m tossing up putting one in the KE15 anyway, and I have a couple of housings. The 6.7 inch T series AE86 LSD centres fit straight into these housings, and if you get the early ‘Zenki’ diff centre, the TE27 axles will too. AE86 GT rear axles have a wider bearing so probably won’t fit the TE27 housing. Anyway, something to think about. There must be part importers in the UK specialising in buying and shipping parts from yahoo Japan. 

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