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Will these wheels fit?


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Just purchased my first car, a 1984 cs-x ke70 and was wondering whether some 13x7 hot-wires with -6 offset will fit on it, ideally without rubbing? I have purchased coilovers for it so it will be lowered, nothing too crazy.

I could be completely wrong but my thinking was that i'll be able to raise them more depending if they do rub or not.

I've seen people running similar set ups, just with more offset and wheel width on the rear (they scraped on decent dumps though). So I believe they will be okay just wanted to check.

Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 1.22.21 pm.png

Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 1.22.00 pm.png

Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 1.21.40 pm.png

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There's a million threads on the internet about ke70 fitment, and anything about ae86 is relevant too. check out rollaclub as well as ae86drivingclub. lots of old threads. 

Your chosen wheel size will be pushing it. 15x7+13 with a 195/50/R15 was about as far as i wanted to push it on mine back in the day. 

13x6 -6 would sticks out another +6mm or so. It would be a close fit. 

should be ok on the front as you can add a bit of camber to tuck them in. rear though you might have to roll the guards a bit. 




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