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KE30 Centre console mounting hardware?

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Hey guys, 

Been so much fun owning my ‘77 Ke30 and driving her around. Been a Perfect first car for me since I got her back on the road.
Recently I bought a trailer of parts from a ‘78 KE30 which came with the facelift silver dash and the centre console, which I immediately wanted to put in my black dash car. I don’t have any relevant hardware (screws, bolts) to secure it in. I did some digging and there’s also a bracket that tucks and bolts into the top of the console and the dash as well? Could I get away with some suitable Bunnings screws to stop it from moving when I’m shifting gears?





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The single screw securing the rear of the manual centre console; just screws into a little bracket.  Don't think I've got a spare one in the shed, but it wouldn't be hard to make something that allows it to be tied down securely.  Doesn't have to be pretty, as it is hidden under the carpet.  The front mounts are a bit doggy, unless it is tied to the underside of the dash.  I've got to clean my KE30 out at the weekend, so I'll take the console off, & take a couple of pics for you, that should assist a clever person like You, to make something up suitable.

Cheers Banjo.

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Thanks Banjo. As you said, I could probably just hide some bracket underneath the carpet. Interesting that the front mounts are mounted that way. If you're able to get some pics I'll make up a custom bracket for it. Just annoying that it shifts around when I change gears but hey, it makes a great spot for a headunit and lets me keep the original radio and tape player in the dash. 👍

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