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    Are the hoses on the tappet cover connected to the air cleaner/inlet manifold?? If one is unconnected it will be the source of your oil smoke. Otherwise, as the guys day, wheel bearings and engine mounts are no problem, ask how when you're ready to do it. The thump is a misfire in a cylinder that is amplified by the bad engine mount. We could easily assemble a list of everything you should check and how to do it on a new car. Basically what the mechanic should have done if he could be arsed, but he couldn't. Most of it involves having the car on a jack so get your stands back. I'd start with suspension joints front & rear, look at them carefully, look for loose bolts and then lever against them with a big screwdriver or crowbar. Check the exhaust while your under there. Check the driveshaft universals Check the clutch cable Check the g'box and diff oil leaks. Check the steering when doing the wheel bearings with one wheel up. Shake it left and right looking for slack and any noises. I get someone to swing the steering wheel left & right by varying amounts and speeds while I look underneath. Bounce on each corner and see how the shocks behave. That will tell you the state of the suspension/steering. You don't need a mechanic one these cars, they are dead simple! When you've got the engine mount fixed you can start on the motor... Does it start easily? Plugs set correctly? Plug leads within spec? Points and timing correct? Tappets set? Any leaks in the coolant system? Is the coolant fresh and green? (or pink) Loose bolts/nuts in the manifold system? Oil clean and filter newish? The headlights are crap! They earth back through the dip-switch, a terrible idea. Its not hard to double the brightness, if you are driving at night do it in the future. In the end you can have a car you know everything about and feel confident it will drive to Perth without a problem! Ah fk! A black engine bay! You poor bastard! When you have the motor out in a few years, make sure you paint it white! They paint them black to hide oil leaks, I'd much rather see any leaks and fix them! That battery bracket is not stock either, make sure it holds the battery down firmly. Well, there's enough to do your head in! Have fun! Now, what turn on the electric fan? I assume there is one?? Is there? There's certainly no stock mechanical one. It needs a thermoswitch somewhere to turn it on at 90deg or so, and usually I put them in the top rad hose. We also run a manual switch so you can turn the fan on from the dash.
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