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  1. Hi Colin, I think I've just worked out, what Si was on about with his warning. Once you get started on this polishing thing, it becomes an obsession, to remove every little micro-scratch, until you can see your own reflection in it. Was in Bunnings yesterday, but finest grit wet & dry in stock was 1200 grit. Grabbed a few sheets. Off to SCA then, as I had some credits, which were just about to run out. Grabbed some metal polish. Last night, for 40 minutes, I rubbed one end of the cover, & then polished it, & the difference was amazing. Unfortunately, every time I've used my mobile phone this morning, I had to revert to my pin number for entry, as my finger print is no longer recognised ! "It's a slippery slope" indeed. I've just instructed myself, to not even look at the "timing chain cover". 🥵 Cheers Banjo
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