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    Same as a KE70, the Altezza manual runs a 4.1, the auto a 4.3. Found the page I was after... Here's a comparison of the K, T W & J160 boxes, and the 'close-ratio' 5 speed from the Datsun Z series. You'll see the J160 has a lot more gears crammed into the same ratio space, with 5th as 1:1 like most gearboxes 4th. It just great if you're working your way though the tight & twistys, but not noticeable if you're on straighter roads. J160 6th gear is 0.87, the same as a K50 5th, so definitely not a tall gearbox.
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    Hello, I've had the ke20 disc brakes on my ke10 for years. Last year the bearings went kaboom and I just threw in a new set of ke20 bearings. Now I was just reading the wiki conversion page for fun and noticed that I would've to use the ke10 back bearing on it.. What is the reason for this? It seems to work fine but there has to be a reason.
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