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  1. "10. Tested Spark at each plug and wire including directly from coil. ( No SPARK ) " You could- Disconnect the coil negative, run the high-voltage wire from the coil to the dizzy onto a spark plug earthed out on the body, then earth the coil neg with a wire that you tap on and off an earth a few times. That will cause the coil to fire and a spark to jump across your spark plug. Even better, you could turn the engine by hand to line the rotor up with a spark plug, use that plug lead with a plug in it lying on the motor and short the coil out as above. That checks out your whole system except the module in the dizzy that shorts the coil negative out. I expect that is where the problem lies, as you've thoroughly checked out everything else. One check would be to grab an aerosol can of refrigerant used to check electronic components and spray it over the modules inside the dizzy, although it does seem like its time for a new electronic setup in the distributor. You could check any clearances in the dizzy module, if its a hall effect magnetic one there will be a few thou gap between the arms and the sensor, but I think its unlikely that is your problem.
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