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  1. Martin Ke30

    Ke25 Deluxe

    Saw this driving home tonight.
  2. Martin Ke30

    Ea71 4Age Big Port 5 Speed Twin Webers For Sale

  3. Martin Ke30

    K Series Efi Manifold

    Saw this on ebay, thought someone might be interested.
  4. Martin Ke30

    Ke30/55 Tow Bar In Adelaide

    Hey guys, still looking to buy one, bikes are getting pretty scratched on roof racks
  5. Martin Ke30

    Sectionised 3K

    Saw this on eBay, thought it was pretty cool.
  6. Martin Ke30

    Ke30/55 Tow Bar In Adelaide

  7. Martin Ke30

    Ke30/55 Tow Bar In Adelaide

    Hello all. I am chasing a Ke30/55 tow bar so I can use my bike rack. location: Adelaide Condition: Any Price: Reasonable but I don't mind paying a bit extra Just send me a pm if you have one in Adelaide Thanks.
  8. Martin Ke30

    Ls1 Ke20? I Think So.

  9. Martin Ke30

    Ke70 Hunting Car

    Saw this on gumtree, Thought it was unique and worth sharing.
  10. Martin Ke30

    Upi Spotted

    The apprentice at work said that there was a 2 door ke30 there on Saturday. can't confirm it though.
  11. Martin Ke30

    My 4K Ke55 On The Dyno

    not bad for a 300k 4k!
  12. Martin Ke30

    Fs: 14" 4X114.3 Ra23 Celica Stockies

    Do you know how wide they are, or at least what width tyres they have? thanks
  13. Martin Ke30

    Bigport, Carbies,Nardi And Other Parts

    What size/ condition is the nardi? Also is it genuine?
  14. Martin Ke30

    Massive Collection Of Clean Ke70'S

    :o quite a collection!
  15. Martin Ke30

    Best Wheels On A *E70 ?

    Ma61 wheel fit really nicely on e70's I think they are 14X7 +8 offset, not too flashy or expensive either