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  1. I've been recommended 75/85
  2. G'day sorry to change the main subject but seeing as there is some good info about oils I'd like to ask what the best oil is for a ke70 5speed box ?? The car is a ke10 with a 4k and is a dedicated race car and just been put back together after 10 years or so
  3. Just a thought if you want to use the 37x103.8x8 valves you may be able to adjust your tappets to take them (Its an advantage if you've got a high lift cam) It will reduce the rocker angle in the same way recessing your seats would But this is just a theory I haven't done this and I'm not even sure if there would be enough adjustment and then the springs maybe stuffed up anyway has got me thinking what would fit : )
  4. An update I now have two ke 10's Owner: Pat Username: KO 10 Location: Moss Vale Vehicle name: Milky Vehicle model: KE 10 Body : two door Date Made: -67 Vin: 232267 Colour: White Engine: 4agze+20V Vehicle name: Binky Vehicle model: KE 10 Body: two door Date made: -69 Vin: ke-10~396971 Colour: white/blue/green/goldy brown Engine: stock 4k
  5. Forget the question that got asked and let's all focus on drifting : /
  6. Apparently the Wagga track has been approved so thins are looking up : ) (I saw in a face book post )
  7. This the one from Robinvale ??
  8. Yep tried my best to save it but scrapies are ruthless
  9. Could be valve guide seals too when the motor is left over night a small amount of oil passes by them and settles on the piston and with the first stroke up it'll send out a white puff then clears quite quickly the cool mornings will make it more noticeable plus the rings maybe on the worn side if the smoke is visible after it's warmed up Just my thoughts though from the same experience
  10. Has there been any mods to the engine mounts and are there any updated photos of it apart
  11. G'day I've come across a complete 26 wagon in ruff condition just out from behind the shed this car is from the riverina area and it's very dry out here so the rust is there but is minimal , there is damage to the rear passenger door with one smashed window but that was done in transit so the car has been dry inside The price is completely open to offers it's along way from Sydney and Melbourne so you'll understand the costs to get it anywhere Send me an email [email protected]
  12. I don't know if this is the place for this but I just came back from the DLRA salt lake speed week and guess what I saw ; ) a sky blue ke55 running a commodore V6 , when I got talking to the fella and his son Joel jones ,this was an 81 ke55 1200pushing 114mph at 99hp and now a V6 commodore pushing 137mph at 137kwasps the father son team salt lake racers class ran E-GC E=184-260ci gas=G C=coup The one thing that stood out for me and the other fellas I when there with was how helpfull all the racers are no matter what disciplines car-bike-steamliner what ever they are a credit to motor sports !!!
  13. If you have a heap of 3K's and 4K's time a lathe shit loads of parts why go looking for another Bigger Better more expensive option go get a different motor it's cheeper hmmm is it. ?? I'd love to develope something bigger all donations welcome ; )
  14. Well close your eyes and play with your push rod v8 Simple !!
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