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  1. Camber tops and Steering arms still available?
  2. Is the fuel cap still available?
  3. dpb

    Ke70 Panelvan

    It goes great so much toque for a k motor haha I recently got the exhaust done so now has a nice 2" system with a high flow resi and muffler absolutely loving the sound of it it's making a great daily next on the list is some 4.1 diff gears to liven her up a little more I'm hoping to get them in before the weekend as I'm hitting the 1/4 on Sunday for abit of fun! I replaced the whole front end with rt132 corona struts short stroke shocks, springs, brakes and lcas and a pajero master cylinder so she stops and turns now
  4. dpb

    Ke70 Panelvan

    She's now 7k powered! I also had some genuine Toyota foggies kicking round in the shed so chucked them on aswell as some eBay clear bumper indicators. I managed to find some seat rails for the ma61 seats iv had sitting around so they went in too.
  5. Making these smaller more subtle lips now $80 + post
  6. Recently aquired this gem from albury nsw sight unseen and drove it all the way home (ballarat Victoria) without it skipping a beat and went about getting it up to road worthy spec and making it my own. And then after getting it road worthy fitted some reset leafs I had acquired and some choppies till I get my corona struts sorted and chucked on a set of ssr formula stars I had holding up my ke25 Next on the list of things to do is swap out the terrible standard vinyl seats for some velour ma61 items and mod the sump on this sucker and chuck her in
  7. If you decide to separate it from the engine I may be interested
  8. Willing to seperate the 5 speed from the motor? I can pick it up ASAP if so
  9. Just need some cheap inserts to put in some struts to move a car around located in Ballarat Victoria
  10. $1500 or Will swap for a kesev even if it's rough auto etc.. setup for circuit/hillclimb events the car Has no rego or Rwc would need a new exhaust and carpet and seats and maybe few other things if you were to put it back on the road. ae92 sedan 4afe 1.6 twin cam 5 speed manual. It has had all the gaskets and seals on the engine replaced aswell as the timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, drive belts, pod filter and drive shafts aswell as fresh oils and new steering rack ends and tie rod ends. It has extractors and straight through exhaust with a carbon wrapped muffler. It has been lowered all round with pedders springs and has adjustable camber bolts giving it -2.5 degree camber all round and has a factory strut brace fitted from the gti model (not pictured) has had four wheel disk brake conversion with new brake pads fitted. Interior is stripped and sound deadener removed, sports steering wheel and a drift bucket seat. $1500 Located Ballarat Victoria but can deliver to local areas such as Melbourne, bendigo etc for bit extra. no longer has wheels pictured will have stock "14 alloy wheels
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