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  1. Fs: Ke55 1980 Goes, No rego (: Some rust nothing major only 2 hole's (:, Dent's in both frontside guards, Bridgewater, Need's Pit Passing. Want $600 with the mag's that are on it. Or $500 with the standard's on it. 2 R31 Skyline seet's in the front, Cracked dash not that bad. 4k with 4 Sp Man. Blue Tourquise Colour. Goes well. Haven't long put another Diff in it. 197529 Kms Contact me on 62637849. Or email me on [email protected] Prefer Call though (: Thank's Brad
  2. i have ke55 corolla $750, goes no, rego.
  3. For Sale- 4 SpitFire mags tyres are not very goor $150
  4. For Sale: Hotwire Mags Good Condition, No gutter rash, Tyres might need replacing, $350. o.n.o Will swap for other set of mags anything will do if i like them (: ! Cheers Contact Number Ph. 62637849
  5. WTB: a good set od rims for me rolla ..... Or will swap 4 Hotwire rims ?? Hobart Area ? :hmm:
  6. I'm also after some good mags located in hobart ???
  7. Hi I'm going up launie tomorrow to get the diffs ........if you want one i will take a 6-pack for one and i already have a welded one if you want that ??? my conctact number is 0439517059

  8. I rekon o could do that just goota fing out when i can go up (:
  9. Need a new battery turnbull a Passenger seat 4 new tyres or rims And fix the surface ruset on both of my wheel arches before they get any worst and a new Diff so i can get it pit passed and then Rego'd

  10. Nice would i be able to come up Launie and pick up one and i will chuck in a 6 Pack aswell for the whole lot
  11. Yeah i only Recently Bought it And just Stripping it and doing a few modifactions to it (:

  12. Nice Rolla bro, think I saw it around Hobart recently

  13. I'll take 1 black RC Sticker please
  14. When's the next Rolla Club Meeting ?
  15. Where abouts do you get the stickers at ,,,,,?
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