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  1. Hello, I've found a AE82 that I wanted to put back together, but it was removed from the registry due to being off the road for too long thus being impossible to legaly drive. Everything is available except for the engine and wiring loom. I'm located in Czech Republic, but will ship anywhere, can accept paypal
  2. not much new since I've been sick the last two weeks. I have a choice to make... One local guy offered me a KE30 for 480$ with complete spare engine, gearbox and rear window. It's in much better condition than the 70 and road worthy. He had it in the shed for 10 years and had no use for it. I can't decide if I want to buy this or put this money towards 4AGE for the KE70... IMG_6651 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr IMG_6652 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr
  3. great! I'll be getting fender mirrors for my wagon and this is exactly what I've been looking for
  4. lol that are not even the worst parts engine and transmision are out, next stop - rear axle _MG_6587 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr
  5. I took off the front suspension and started celaning the engine by today _MG_6572 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr _MG_6569 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr _MG_6573 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr
  6. I'm trying to keep the car empty, otherwise I'd have the back full lol finally got the brakes apart, punched another hole through the chasis and almost had a jackstand go through the rusty sills... _MG_6528 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr _MG_6544 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr _MG_6540 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr
  7. started striping it, but space is an issue, so it's all going on the roof... _MG_6520 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr
  8. finally got some time to work on it again... I drove it to the shed so it won't get covered in snow during the winter and started stripping it to uncover all the rust. Today I tried one way to get rid of old paint and rust and it came out pretty good... before: WP_000047 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr during: WP_000051 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr after (only wiped with cloth and minor brush on the worst spots): WP_000056 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr
  9. not much new since I'm on vacation... I got a workshop manual to help me working on the rolla IMG240 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr and a shot of my other car IMG239 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr
  10. Welcome! I'm glad to see another European!
  11. finally finished the floor and started striping the rest of the car, dash etc. I also got in touch with a friend who'll let me have his old 4AGE and I'll probably try the 7AGE way IMG_6247 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr IMG_6246 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr IMG_6245 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr IMG_6244 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr IMG_6243 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr IMG_6242 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr
  12. it lives! finally started on it's own
  13. Got the passenger's side and rear part of the driver's side (this one's LHD, just to clarify) done and this is the only bad spot. The rest is just fine. Now comes the worst part, the space under drivers seat and footwell. _MG_6226 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr And the solenoid finally came in today. woo _MG_6222 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr I assembled the starter just to find out the solenoid doesn't work... quick check confirmed that I need to adjust the rod so it connects the two top terminals once it's on. Now it worked just fine, I put it back together and nothing... the solenoid works, but the starter motor doesn't spin... It decided to give up just as I got the new solenoid... ʞ©$ɟ me _MG_6229 by GeorgeCZ, on Flickr
  14. Thanks! I'm still not sure if I like those headlights or if I should get the quad lamps... Since the new solenoid still isn't here, I'll have another round of dealing with the insulation or whatever is the stuff on the floor called later today.
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