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  1. Everyone is like, wow that was a long runway! And I'm just sitting here thinking, man that corolla was fast as hell!
  2. Don't have one to take pic of, otherwise I wouldn't need one :P Still needed, will pay post.
  3. Just need one thing for conversion.
  4. Hey guys, In the process of converting my AE71 to flat front. Just wanted to clarify, are the bumper mounts different between slant and flat front bumpers? If so, will standard flat front bumper mounts suit a chrome bumper? Cheers, Matt~
  5. Just after stock power steering knuckles, car will be on the road.
  6. No panels, have new quadlights/grille/chrome bumper from Richard on here.
  7. Considering I'm only free to do stuff on weekends I trudged out in the rain and bled the system. Was able to start the car in first with clutch to the floor, didn't jump. Releasing the clutch slowly caused the car to mutter, eventually stall. Checked and double checked lines, no signs of leaks anywhere including footwell. Still with the clutch disengaged it was damn near impossible to put into a gear, reverse simply wouldn't happen, others would need to be somewhat forced in. Am I safe to assume it's the pressure plate? If so I'm looking to buy a decent kit, bear in mind it's a daily driver not a track car. Any suggestions? Looking at: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/400367458033
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