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  1. sadly i had to sell this project off due to not having a place to store it anymore while i was working on it cause i lived in a complex and their was no room but heres a update on myself just moved out of home and purchased another wagon cause their just amazing its a 84 ae71 toyota corolla wagon will be starting another build thread on this but would just like to learn my way around the site so i don't spam people and post in the wrong places and tips on that guys ?
  2. chasing a tailgate for my ke38 wagon got one ?
  3. can I get photos of the tailgate please and do you have a ke70 manifold
  4. would you keep them till Friday so I can get them only day I have off ?
  5. image links are broken very interested in this conversion
  6. hey guys i got the headlight to sit nice and flush but there’s a little gap between the headlight and grill what do you guys reckon i should use to fill the gap i was thinking of either painting the rad support black so it’s not noticeable or was thinking of going down to autobahn and buying some universal mesh and placing it around the headlight so it fills the gap what are your thoughts on this guys
  7. hey man just wondering how much do you want for your headlights and buckets as i have found that my headlights are both different and it looks stupid haha i just keep them for spares will be used one day
  8. hey guys just back with a update of the rolla i started pulling of the front end last night after work i am a chef mean don't really get that much time to work on the rolla mean sorry if i don’t update the page that much but anyway i got the grill and both headlights out then i decided i needed some sleep after a 14 hour shift mean when I got home tonight i got straight back into it to find out that i can’t get the ke30 headlights to sit in the factory mounts mean i am going to have to cut them out and just mount it straight to the rad support the only way i could use the factory mounts is if i turned the headlight 60 degrees angle and that’s stupid cause it will cause the headlights to look at the side of the road instead of the middle mean after some research i found a page with someone that has done the conversion with ke55 lights they look basically the same but ke30 lights don’t have the springs but i can just steal them of my ugly square headlights mean that’s a bonus there but a downside i have some across is the chrome dress rings that mount the headlight to the headlight buckets one of the tiny welds have broken and not sure how i am going to get it to hold as the headlight needs to be in the dress ring and if you tac it won’t it just crack the headlight from the heat mean what’s a good option to use can't pop rivet it as there is not enough clearance on the other side here are some progress photos and a photo of the broken dress ring Start of the circle headlight conversion Halfway there a little bit every night broken headlight chrome dress ring how do you guys reckon i should re join it how do you guys reckon i should rejoin this all advice is taken in mean fell free to talk up much appreciated
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