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  1. Hey guys I’m Finally starting on my project, I’ve had this Rolla for about 4 years, I drove it for about 2 years it started to show signs of rust, I was about to start cutting the rust out but had to move house and parked it at my parents place and bought a motorbike.

    So it sat there for 2 years and now I have a place with a small shed so I have brought it home to start fixing her. 




  2. On 9/5/2017 at 10:32 AM, LittleRedSpirit said:

    If you have standard cams you will see low down torque increases if you use it.

    I might even have an old solenoid here that I removed working, if so you can have it cheap, and if I can find the wiring connector you can have that too, so all you would need is 2 wires to connect and you can use it.  Where you would integrate it, you would retard the timing 1 degree and add 5 percent more fuel, and then tune back from there.  When you use cam advance you generally need less timing and more fuel.

    if you still have that vvt solenoid ill buy it, i just moved into the new place so i can start working on my car for the first time in over a year.

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  3. 35 minutes ago, LittleRedSpirit said:

    Its pretty easy to reinstate the vvt, Its just an on off solenoid and the wiring.  If your ecu can switch a wastegate it can run vvt.  Basically turn it on at 2000rpm and off at 6000 or 6500, its not helpful above those revs.

    The engine never had one when i got it.

  4. 30 minutes ago, LittleRedSpirit said:

     If it was that rich for that long you might have glazed the bores.  Try some thicker oil see if that helps the smoke.

    I gotta do major rust repairs so while the engines out I'll break it down and rebuild it then I know the engine is good. Need to try and find a stock tune for the engine but I don't think a stock ecu will work cause the vtt has been removed.

  5. On 02/09/2017 at 2:25 PM, LittleRedSpirit said:

    Holy shit I'm sure it went twice as good and twice as far after that was resolved!

    Mate and I did some tuning while I was driving it made it a bit better but still not there and it started to smoke to much think it could be either valves or blow by 

  6. HOLY SH*T!!!!!!! its been a while since i have been on here. update since the last post last century haha still have the same gearbox issue i just learnt to live with it but i did buy a rebuild kit and another 2 T50 hopefully i can make one out of the three. on a sad note the car has been off the road for over a year as the engine was blowing a bit of smoke and all the rust i managed to find over the years :( but i still have it :). i never really did any more mods to it other then some old school hotwires and a 2 1/2 exhaust i bought some headers but couldn't fit them cause the collector was hitting the clutch slave cylinder, so they are just sitting in storage for now.

    here's a couple of pics of my rig.




    this is not photoshoped took me about 1000 goes to get this one shot prob my best photo i have ever taken.



    so when i first got the car i took it for a roady and a tune, i drove it with this tune for about 2 years i always knew there was something wrong as it was real shitty down low over fueling and backfiring out of the throttle bodies, so had a mate that knew a little about tuning so i bought the software and cords to see what was happening. so we plugged it in went for a drive done some data logging, when we got back he was looking at the tune i got when i first got the car he had a look at the fueling map IT WAS TUNED FOR 20PSI TURBO ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH, don't know what kind of drugs they where on but must of been good stuff.

    so the plan now is i'm waiting to find a shed so i can start to strip the hole car and find out how bad the rust is fix that and rebuild the engine, gearbox and diff.


  7. i have a KE70 with a silvertop 4age 20v and a T50. the other day i took my dash cluster out and tried to put the speedo cable back in and now it doesn't want to work again. where it plugs into the speedo it dosent stay there its like a cock in a sock, I tried to go to repco but they have no listing for a cable. has anyone bought one on ebay or know of anywhere i can get one from thanks.

  8. Hay people i have a 4AGE 20V silver top in my ke70 with quad throttle bodies i have been using the uni filter foam air filters but they keep on getting sucked into the trumpets and tearing the filter, i have been talking to uni filter Australia they reckon the filters i have are not suited to my car but the spring fits perfect not to big or to small. so i was seeing what different types of setups people have, if you could post a picture of your setup that would be awesome. cheers guys :thumbsup:

  9. Hi all

    I have a KE70 with a 20v silver top stock standard engine. iam wanting to do a nice N/A setup for time trials/hill climbs and a little bit of drifting i have heard that the black top is more suited for a N/A setup with the higher compression and bigger intake port but i have heard that the crank and rods aren't as strong as the silver top. so iam wondering if it would be worth changing to a black top or keep the silver top.

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