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  1. thanks for the pics... just a matter of interest... are side exhausts registerable?
  2. could you please shoot me some pics? thewally @ gmail (dot) com
  3. This looks sweet as, I'm hoping to pick up a ke30, was gunna do a ca18 conversion but I'm thinking of doing a gze!... see what happens, will be keeping a close eye on this.!!!
  4. omg this is so nice... i just creamed my pants
  5. thats a fkn weapon... bit pricey though hehe I would need a tyre sponsor with that thing :P
  6. omg this is insane!! great work mate, this is awesome. Could have some questions for ya when i hopeuflly get my ke30.
  7. i have dibs on the ke30... will be putting a deposit down asap.
  8. Badluck steveo, RIP dude... :thumbsup: Supposly filming his last doco.
  9. If your willing to separate, i have dibs on the KE30. Would you be able to PM with some details on her? (Rust, what it comes with [the yellow buckets], etc). Also what sort of price range your after. Like i said I'm in Campbelltown which is handy. Edit: Email Sent...
  10. Would you separate the KE30? Is it drivable?
  11. hey mate how much just for the KE30? I'm in Campbelltown btw...
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