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  1. Updates are as follows.......STill sitting in my garage and probably done 300km in the last 2 years
  2. Mate i have a ke35 coupe that i would be willing to part with. Owes me over 30k complete with 4 wheel disc brakes (300mm front, 273mm rear) shortned Hilux diff (cost $1850), detriot geared LSD centre (Cost 1250), 3' mandreal bent exhaust, stainless dump, 440hp garret GT28/76R (Cost 2k). New dash, 600x300x76mm intercooler, Rebuilt forged motor, Brand new ca18 gearbox housing with rebuilt RB25 internals, Custom 5 puck clutch by NPC, Much more to list Willing to sell at a very realistic price. Guarnteed to save you thousands. Call me on 0417 408 657 if you want to have a chat about it Thanks Rob
  3. I used a Ca20 box that lasted a while till the syncros went then i used a ca18det box and same thing. So i now have had the internals from a rb20det box put into the ca18 empty case and used the ca18 shafts

  4. which gear box u used in ur ke35 with Ca18det.......

  5. Yeah no chance that it ll fit mate the spline for the gearboxwill be wrong the length will be wrong and if you change the diff the rear flange will be wrong. The tube will also be quite weak and i would suspect that the uni's wouldnt handle the power either
  6. can that shell be strret registered you reckon, not that my hardtop ever really sees the street but like the fact of power cruise and driving to the drags if i was to add my running gear and like the thought of a full cage for protection
  7. what model you putting the ca in by the way?
  8. ca18 crossmemeber wont work u will need to fabricate one using the ca rubber gearbox mount very easy using some 25-30mm box section and some flat bar.
  9. nice ride how much did your caltracs cost you??
  10. the question you need to ask your self is why?? and don't forget this is a east/west engine you are going to put into a north/south application. Where is the throttle body, exhaust etc. What are you after power, ecconmy????
  11. good piont i was thinkin disc rear!
  12. you can add a second cailper via a bracket and you keep it a completely separate system. Then you retain your standard brakes for genaral drivin standard handbrake for hills and the new one for drift etc..
  13. come on bro i need to get 322rwhp down somehow?????
  14. the problem being using a diff which brackets on it they wouldnt line up with you chassis rails and i would be thinking this is where you would wanna be mounting and swiging your diff off?
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