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  1. Bit of body filler to tidy the flares up... And had to test them by doing a burnout of course
  2. Ripped out interior. Cut off the ugly rear flares and welded on flares from some spare front guards I had.. turned out pretty shit but what do you expect from a kid with no welding/grinding experience and a gasless mig lol.
  3. The closed door respray was unfortunately dropped because old mate who was going to do it decided to delete all of his social media and pretty much went off the map.. still with the clean idea in mind I tried to get good results from a rattle can but obviously failed so the initial "rattle can and flog as a drift car" plan is back in full swing.
  4. Ill rattle can it myself..
  5. that sounds like a good idea.. To be honest i didn't even think of doing that
  6. bigport manual will work fine. they are pretty much the same besides different compression, cam sizes and of course tvis
  7. Gotta love body filler
  8. wow that wiring job is awesome, id love to learn how to do that kind of stuff..
  9. Stay tuned for a lot more future updates.. I have a few months to get this thing straight and ready to roll in for paint.. Colour I'm looking at going is called 'Royal blue' and I'm more than excited to see this thing looking good, it deserves to be pretty again
  10. It's come a long way, I've been mega busy with body repairs.. So far I've bought 4 new doors with tint and good door card, new boot lid, whole new front end, velour seats (blue honeycomb) and various other bits and pieces.. Here's a few photos of how it looks now
  11. So the car cost me $1500 and the first thing I did was sell off the bucket seat it had in the driver seat, sell the steelies and versions other parts I didn't want/like.. It sat on stock wheels but I wasn't mad.. Because at this point the car owed me $1100
  12. It sat around for a bit, while I figured out a plan for it.. Original plan was to just rattle can it, get it running half decent and flog the ʞ©$ɟ out of it as a drift car.. But I entered a competition for a free closed door respray and won!! And so the quest begins.. To make this Corolla stand out as one of the cleanest on the road
  13. A few more pics of what it looked like..
  14. hey guys, this is my project 83 ae71.. i had a thread a while ago but decided to have it deleted and start again fresh... i bought the car on the 21 june 2015 and it didnt really do much for a few months, until i found some motivation to make it cool.. This is what it looked like the day i bought it .. white, slant front, unhealthy smallport 4age with downdraft weber (weird but cool), some steelies and mostly standard suspension, interior wasnt great and either was the exterior..
  15. No problem man, this build is giving me a lot of inspiration for my own build
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