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  1. Hey all In the process of rebuilding my Smallport 4age, I cracked two Pistons, but I just purchased some 4agze low comp Pistons to replace them. Anyways I was wondering if anyone had a Workshop manual for a small port 4age, I've found one for a older big port 4age but would prefer to get one for my motor. Thanks
  2. Buy a house, worry about cars later, I wish I done that earlier
  3. Is the fuel pump working? Have you checked fuel pressure? My sx seca had a similar problem, fuel pump had no power and it would idle but wouldn't rev at all
  4. Sounds like thermostats stuck open or missing completely
  5. Hey guys Just a quick question with a ae82 exhaust fit on a ae92 I've got given a full exhaust off a ae82 seca and I just wanna make sure before I pull of my hole exhaust that it will fit, btw I have a ae92 seca Thanks
  6. Hey bud I'll take the spacers, would you post them to nsw 2747
  7. I've got a wrecking White sx seca, The wings got the typical crows foot cracks in the paint. Pm me
  8. Those ones all say there for a 20v Are the connectors different between a 16v and 20v?
  9. hey all Just had a look online but couldn't find anything, would anyone know where to get 4age ecu female connectors, I've got a aftermarket ecu for my ae92 but I don't want to cut the harness so if I could make a adapter loom, it would be heaps better. Thanks all!!
  10. And the fun begins!! That sucks so much man!! How far are you away from home?
  11. To me it just feels like there's no power down low Like a slug going up a hill when at low revs, I've never driving a 4age before so I don't no what to expect. I will hopefully be fixing the thermostat on Saturday have a new one ready to go in. I've only been putting 98 in it atm, i'm going to give it a full service this weekend and reset the Ecu so hopefully it might fix this
  12. I will take a photo of the repair manaul tomorrow and show you what it says. Yeah I did but the engine light just continuously flashed in about 1 second intervals, which the book says is no faults Yeah the engine was warm on the gauge the thermos were on. but I no there is a problem with my thermostats cause it takes ages to heat up and when on cold night and high speed the temperature drops a lot.
  13. It should be 16 with the diagnostic plug not shorted and should be 10 degrees with the diagnostic plug shorted, that's straight out of my max ellery repair manual Mine is 10 degrees with both The engine light just flashes contiuously a bit quicker then a second apart
  14. hey I bought a series 2 sx Seca about 2 months ago and I'm just going through and giving it a tune up. I wanted to check the timing, so I checked the repair manual and it says timing should be 16 degrees, so I hooked up the timing light and found it was at 10 degrees. then I shorted the two pins on the diagnostic plug, that should drop the timing to base timing, rechecking the timing it was still at 10 degrees. The car is going into a diagnostic mode cause the engine light flashes when I short the pins. Has anyone had a similar fault or knows why it would be doing this? Thanks guys
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