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  1. What's going on still got the panel van? Was a really good read.
  2. Awesome build. The attention to detail is amazing, hope I can do an engine swap half as good as you are.
  3. This is how it sits at the moment ssr mk2 front and rear with a twin cam steering wheel. It also has all the manuals and service history in the glove box. If you have any questions fire away, I'm happy to answer them :)
  4. To start this off this is my first thread go easy on me haha. My names Jacob and I'm 18 This is My 1983 toyota corolla wagon which I brought for $1000 with rego. I got it a few weeks back and have loved every second of it. It was a 2 owner car both being elderly people. The first owner of the car looked after it very well. It has new parts throught it. The second owner who was best freinds with the original owner has had it for six years and continued to look after it. I don't plan on doing any major mods to this car as I want to keep it clean as a tribute to the original owner who has sadly passed. It's a stock 4k and k40. I'm just going to maintain it and clean up a few ruff spots. My other ke70 will be likely getting an engine swap if I keep it not 100% sure yet but keep your eyes peeled for that thread. I'll keep posting things I fix on the car.
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