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  1. hey guys i have a ke70 and the head gasket is leaking oil everywhere it uses water alot and baisicly its on its last legs and i was looking for something that is worth changing it for, i plan to later drop an sr20 in but just to keep it on the road till i save my pennys. I have been looking into 2t but couldnt find much, i noticed they meet up to k series boxes so that would be handy, but can i just use the crossmember with the 2t. what do 2t's even come in coronas or something? And even the 18rc, if the ra 40 x member fits straight in wich i am almost positive it does i colud look into that but id prefer to stay with the cable clutch
  2. hey guys i have been racking my brain trying to choose between 20v or sr20 and i have decided to go sr as i plan to turbo in the future. i have an 83 flat front ke70 i got some ma61 wheels the other day i have corona LCA's and cut and shut knuckles to go in but they will need to go when i put the motor in as i will upgrade the brakes, i will be just slowly getting parts together before i start doing anything but i just want to do as much research as possible as i will be doing the whole conversion myself. first off is the not so important but would like to know... speedo? is there a way i can get the standard speedo working or i was thinking custom fit an aftermarket one in or possibly even whole s13 dash cluster. tacho? i assume it is easy to get the standard one running but aftermarket is an easy option now important stuff with custom engine mounts will the motor fit straight in i have read that people had troubles but i have been told its a straight fit. thats about all for now cheers
  3. Name: mozzy Car: 83 brown xx ke70 Motor & Driveline: stock, manual Suspension & Brakes:stock but have just perchaced cut and shut steering knuckles, corona LCA'S, and swey bars and suspention on its way. Wheels & Tyres: stock but ma61's coming with 185/60/14's Interior: stock with momo wheel ( simalar to nardi) and drivers seat. Body: in the shape of a ke70 Other: possibly and engine transplant in the future, looking into either black top 20v, sr20ve (n/a s15)
  4. does anyone know if this is the kind of part i am going to be able to buy an aftermarket bit for or if my best bet is going to be a wreckers? cheers.
  5. solved guys cheers for the help, it turned out to be a vacume leak under the carbie, it was solved by running the car and spraying degreaser around the bottom of the carbie and the revs would increase when the fumes would be drawn into the carbie by the leak and wh where able to source it in a matter of secconds. verry helpful tip.
  6. Parts Desired:ke70 flywheel, beige manual gear boot + plastic, clutch pedal box, ( i have sourced a tail shaft and gear box but i may need a cross member. Your Location: adelaide SA Contact: 0423 903 268 ([email protected]) cheers, daniel.
  7. i have a 1983 auto ke70 it has been driving fine untill today i tryed to drive it and it ran fine in neutral and when shifted into drive it would splutter a bit, then when i try take off it just splutters like its not getting fuel, the bands need to be tightend in the auto but i am converting it to manual so i just need to keep it running for a bit longer, if i pull the choke all the way out it runs ok but putting my foot down it barely picks up speed, i am going to try fuel filter, and there is a screw that is normaly on the front of the carbie that goes to a little vaulve thingo I'm going to try put a screw back in that and see if it does anything, I'm going to tighten the bands and clean the mesh filter. other than that I'm stumped... f*#king autos, good for nothing. cheers, mozzy.
  8. come on guys someones gotta want this, its out of rego and needs tyres front and rear i will let it go for $1200 as is with no rego or $1500 with rego and front tyres. if anyone has anything they wanna sugest swapping feel free, just no dumb offers. cheers guys
  9. i want some of the drugs your on if you think that your ke70 is worth anymore than $500. lol cheers anyway tho man.
  10. nah mate i need the cash for a new car. cheers
  11. the speedo isnt working and it stopped at 270,000 ish and its done about 4000 since then.
  12. make some offers if your interested i want this thing gone. cheers
  13. Vehicle information: hey guys I'm selling my mx73 to get a 4x4, its a 1986 mx73, glx with glx-i seats, kenwood head unit, pod filter, 2 and a half inch exhaust, w55 5 speed, standard clutch, new custom tail shaft, the aircon has been removed along with the sound deadning just has carpet, the car is much lighter and much better than it was on fuel, pioneer 6x9s, motor runs sweet never ever over heats, hot weather it loves it, has no rear dimister as the tint was ruined and the only way to remove it was with a razor so yeh. it has a locker but will provide with a open wheel centre un opened, munroe gt gas shocks in the back, body has a few dents and the front was crashed when i got it but i fixed it temoraraly as you can see in the photos or swap for a 4x4 Condition: used Price: $1500ono Location: adelaide sa Contact: message 0423903268pm me or email me on [email protected]
  14. a comodore is not a performance car how ever it does make some power from factory sure it drives like a 70yr old woman but it will still get you moving. i hate comodores but you have to remember what most of the people on here forget... and that is that corollas are not a performance car in the slightest they are ment for familys of small people with no balls, as from factory they have an awesome 30 or 40 somthing kw lol don't get me wrong i love corollas but i have realised there kids matchbox cars no good for moving a high speeds, with lots of power, that como is stock and makes 160 with a turbo and almost no boost, someone show me a stock corolla that could do that with out blowing the tiny diff and gearbox to bits, as much as i hate to say it but it don't work, corollas take to much of other cars to make them good so why not just buy a good car to start with, no one ever uses corolla parts in other cars and i see why, not in anyway saying go buy a comodore because then you will just be like everyone else, that is the reason i don't like them and to be honest ke70's a like that now everyone has them, I'm not knocking either cars here I'm just saying its hard to say its crap because its a comodore when it prob makes more power than most on here, after all there still corollas, the point I'm trying to prove is yes it is a como yes they are pretty gay but i will admit with a good set of wheels (I'm keen to see what a como will look like with wide 17's, dish, good off set and streched tires) lipped guards and stiff suspention some neg and take some shit out to make it reasonable it could be good. japan will alwayse produce better cars its a fact :lolcry:
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