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  1. hey guys, today after putting my new speakers in under the dash, i noticed a small, but annoying problem with the car.. for some reason, my engine check light, oil light and handbrake light no longer show up, the tacho, water and fuel gauges no longer work, and the heater and rear demister no longer work.. i didnt touch any wiring behind the cluster, and everything was working prior to putting new speakers and wiring in.. i have checked all the usual blade fuses in the right hand kick panel, and the ones in the engine bay.. anybody got any ideas on what iv missed that would stop all these things working? cheers Dave
  2. still got issues.. anyone got ideas on this? hey guys.. me again.. still havent got it sorted, but i think i may have another issue which may be causing it.. while having a look at all the vacuum hoses.. for replacing the boost guage and to do the abv mod, mine seems different.. iv drawn a rough picture of how mine is setup at the moment, any ideas on correcting it? the car is right hand drive if that makes any difference thanks Dave
  3. sweet as, il try fix those couple things and see if that helps
  4. ahh k, il take a look at that, i think the pipe between the afm and the t/b is buggered too, is wrapped up in duct tape..
  5. hey dude, i know my boost guage is buggered on the front - missing the glass, could that possibly be causing problems?
  6. Hey guys.. finally got my car a warrant.. but, its still having issues.. engine is a 4agze from ae92 with AFM, and has CAS and coil packs.. problem is the car dies at low rpm when warm, when engine is cold, its fine, and it runs fine over 3000rpm, but anything under and it sucks.. i took it to my mechanic (midas porirua) and they spent 3 days going over it and couldnt find anything and said that its likely to need an aftermarket ecu and an auto sparky.. before i go down that route, has anybody got any ideas? was thinking of changing to distributor and single coil set up? dave
  7. hey guys, as per the title, have some toyota repair manuals for sale, some of them include; *E7* body and chassis repair manuals, *E3* body and chassis repair manuals, *E2* Body repair manual, T series engine repair manual - does NOT cover the fuel injected engines. K series engine - 1000cc K series engine - all except 1000cc 1983 KP61 electrical wiring manual - also covers the EFI system. plus a few haynes ones, including land cruiser and hilux, corolla - including 4age specs. a few owners handbooks as well offers on everything, please PM as not to spam the thread. manuals located in NZ, but will post worldwide at your expense - cost will depend on location and weight. - Dave
  8. hey, just my daily run around for the mean time while i get my hilux surf back on the road, after that, il see how road legal it still is and go from there, plans may include some form of engine conversion, either in the way of lexus v8, or a 3T turbo of some sort.
  9. hey hey, well after my long absence from the oldschool, I'm back in the game with another, the vehicle which has been chosen though isnt a corolla sadly, but close enough :jamie: i am now the proud owner of a 1983 Toyota Corona sedan, few specs; 3T engine with a T40 behind. solid axle at the back with coils all around matte black paint job. cut springs... :jamie: yeah, have a couple pics of it too, will get better ones when its next dry outside. - Dave
  10. yes or no dude? sorta need to know asap..
  11. well, how much do you want for it? is it from a MAP or AFM 4agze? so far my best offer is $40USD including shipping to NZ, which is roughly $80nzd.. so I'm not going to pay much more than that..
  12. hey guys, I'm urgently after a 4agze DLI CAS and the plugs which come with it. cheers David
  13. oh yeah...its on a 4K haha, points, i havent thought of checking them, my mate said it was the timing, so its just a process of elimination i guess
  14. I'm hoping its not compression :D seems to be enough fuel coming through, just replaced the leads and plugs as well, so will have to wait for the battery to recharge before playing again. cheers for the info, the manual doesnt really tell me anything :D
  15. hey guys well, went to start my car yesterday, and it didnt, seems like the timing is out. i set the engine to TDC, and lined up the dissy, but its not firing, the engine cranks over fine, but will not fire. anyone got any ideas on what is wrong and how i can fix it? cheers david
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