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  1. I'm in Desperate need of the quarter glass for my ke15 sprinter.I need a Passenger side ( My Passenger side is your Driver side.) I'm located in Washington DC zip code 20020 I also have lots of ke small parts if your in need maybe we can help each other out. Thank you in advance for any help. Emilio Vasquez
  2. ke15 rear quarter glass window drivers side need one bad [email protected]
  3. looking for ke15 rear quarter glass Passenger side american. zip code is 20020 email is [email protected] Hope you can ship
  4. Looking for KE15 Quarter Glass Passenger side american, it would be Driver side you guys. I'm in USA zip code is 20020 Hope you will ship thanks emilio Vasquez [email protected]
  5. Looking for rear quarter glass for my KE15 I need the passenger side american, making it Driver side for your car. Hope you can ship too USA zip 20020 Email is [email protected]
  6. Parts: KE10,11,15,17,16,18 center Console Condition: Brand new Price: $400.00 shipped Location:USA wasghington DC Contact: (e.g. PM, Phone 555 2362, Email [email protected]) l[email protected] http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2611691 Visit my cardomain site and see page 2 for pics Item is an after market AMCO never installed fits perfect, very very rare.
  7. Hey Canadian ke17 Look on my cardomain site http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2611691 I have an extra ke15 grill that with some expert metal work can be salvaged let me know if you want it. I am looking for REAR quarter panel red lights for my ke15 [email protected]
  8. anymore updates, I was a fan of your last whip VAZ
  9. Hey Des how hard are those grills to find if I wanted one? I like the simplicity of it compared to the ke series grill
  10. Check out my KE15 reday for paintng. Also check out the baby supras, and center console on my cardomain site.http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2611691 Let me know what you think. I have AE86 front brakes that wll go on later, but I hear I can add RX7 4 piston calipers and rotors for even more stopping power. I am looking into this recipe. Good luck and enjoy that car, there true treasure because there so rare.
  11. This is my KE15 this is an old pic, I have sourced out all my parts and currently slapping it togther. Working on a rotory setup Update Alert Finally going to get painted. Going with a bone white Check out the cardomain page for it http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2611691 Let me know what you think Also looking for rear quarter panel lights and I also have some extra parts if anybody is searching
  12. This is my KE15 this is an old pic, I have sourced out all my parts and currently slapping it togther. Working on a rotory setup
  13. Does Gavclassics have an email addy? I need OEM Fender blinkers. Thanks Emilio Vasquez
  14. I have a ke15 grill that is not perfect but I believe it can be fixed, I have seen miracles done on parts like these. I also have a front valance that needs love but again a good body man can fix easy, there is also a few KE10 at my local yard that have radiators I can look at. ONLY PROBLEM I AM IN USA If you can't find I will put my best foot forward to get the parts to you. I have spent the better part of three years putting together mi ke15 sprinter don't give up FIX IT. I also see grills on ebay under VINTAGE put ke15 corolla and it should come up. Good luck and if all fails let me know. EMILIO VASQUEZ fellow KE lover The 1 on top is my extra
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