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  1. Also interested in swaps for something of interest, obviously no commodores or falcons
  2. wtb ke70 flat front bonnet no rust and straight. brisbane southside 0422589084
  3. Have a 5 speed manual ke70 sedan imaculate interior and engine/driveline, has been sideswiped on drivers side, needs 2doors and rear 1/4 panel and bonnet, will supply with parts to fix 1k firm 0422589084 located in brisbane south
  4. After the drivers side doors and rear rh quarter section 0422589084 brisbane only, cheers
  5. Have an ae71 shell with big guards all in primer ready to paint
  6. redae71


    Cheers nisrola yeh it cost much More than that, muffler- 40 bux cat 150 and you have an exhaust that cam support over 500hp easy
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