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  1. Ok if no one wants it as it is now,I will pull all the stereo,bucket seat,mags,gauges,etc...sell for $1500 Such a shame 0424886894
  2. Bump $3000 now, someone must want this, all the hard works been done...
  3. Don't want to sell this as so much has gone into it but hopefully someone appreciates the hard work... Built from the ground up,all rust removed properly,primed,Painted in 2pac Canary yellow,all underneath stripped back and redone in antichip coating, Has a faily standard 4k-c motor which i replaced all seals/gaskets,rebuilt 4k carby, put in platnium sparkplugs,topgun 8mm leads,Electronic dizzy,Gt40 coil,extractors,2" exhaust system All interior has been done in black or seude,with saas bucket seat for driver, saas steering wheel,saas gearknob sony headunit/6" fronts,6x9 rears Tinted windows 13" mags have just put in new exedy clutch,lighten flywheel,an spiogot bearing fitting rev counter and volt meter/oil pressure/water temp gauges Spare standard rims,Open to offers Calls/text only 0424886894
  4. Ok stuffed around so back up for sale $1000
  5. I'll see what I can find but seems to take me awhile to add pics
  6. Bump,needs to go,give me a offer...
  7. ahh bugger... ok its a 73 ke35 coupe that i took all the rust out and panel beated straight a couple years back,women rdversed into rear quarter just afterwards so i stripped it down to do it all over again,moved too many times now and have lost interest,most parts are there ie glass,chrome,wiring,dash,interior,no motor or gearbox tho,good project for someone to finish advertisted for $1800.00 but open to offers 0450550789
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