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  1. :hmm: to think I gave away lighten flywheels back in NZ all the time, should've kept my spare parts.... :bash: cheers for the help guys, i have found one place that will bring it down to 7kg an balance it, but they want $450+ :wtf: might look at getting my old engineer in NZ to do a few and ill crate them over :D
  2. Hey guys, wondering if anyone here in Perth could recommend a workshop/themselves/mate who can lighten a standard 4k flywheel for me at a reasonable price, no one ever seems to get back to me with a quote...
  3. yes it is, from my home town in NZ and the bvsv valve is off the thermostat housing for emissions,$170 ex japan+freight+4-6 weeks waiting....
  4. Hey guys,anyone know the parts number for the bvsv and vsv valves,also where you might purchase these from?
  5. Chalk

    New Workshop

    yeah no worries on ethier of those jobs,shop is currently in Carlisle,just off Orrong Road but may be moving to a new place soon in Bayswater/Bassendean,cheers
  6. Chalk

    New Workshop

    Hey guys Starting up a new workshop with my mate,offering -Sandblasting/Sodablasting, -Restoration work, -Spray painting, -Window tinting, -Mags & tyre combos, -Wheel alignments, -Exhaust work, -Spray chroming,that is paint quality but can spray over metals,wood,carpets,vinyls,plastic...you name it and we can chrome it,not as expensive as chrome dipping, both my mate and myself are trade cert in spray painting,his brother is trade cert in panel beating,all gst rego or can do cash deals,also have a car trailer to move cars between places,offering rollaclub members club discounts to start off with but we are getting really busy so get in while you can Had my own shop in NZ,and won awards for best paint in rotary national car show,all American hot rod show and done my training on 40s-60s classic cars,so work is very high standards,drop me a email at [email protected] or contact me on 0404 669 569 to discuss any future work you might be interested in Chris
  7. Chalk


    Ok got an auto sparky to check it over,now i need a new ignition switch(from back of barrel to main loom)anyone wrecking a KE70 or have this part they want to sell :yes:
  8. Chalk


    Hey guys, anyone on here a auto sparky or know of a good one that wants a quick cash job? Put a car alarm in my wagon and i think i muddled some wires up :bash: so need a pro to just go thru it an check what i have done,i have kept a record of what wires went where but I'm out of time to fix it as i need the car back on the road by Wednesday for my job,email,pm,or give me a call on 0404669569 if anyone can help me... Cheers
  9. let me know if your chasing parts for the starlet,have heaps of spares in NZ from when I raced/rallied them,oh so many i destroyed back in the day :bash: otherwise I may be keen on the starlet,missing having one round me :P
  10. I got new sensors from supercheap,but a funny thing happened the other day,took the car up to 140kph and the gauge started to work...WTF??????
  11. Hey guys my temp gauge on my ke70 has stopped working,i got a new sensor but still no go,i then tried earthing the temp gauge wire and the gauge went to hot,so i got another new sensor but same issue again??? can't have got 2 dodgy sensors... could it be something else i should look at??? Cheers
  12. Chalk


    Damn could really do with parts off that wagon!!!! hmmm mission on me thinks
  13. Chalk

    Gas Struts?

    hey boys and girls,have checked the parts section but not many W.A listings so thought id ask directly,anyone got the gas struts for the tailgate on a wagon,and a slant front grill? someone must have these buried in their parts somewhere,cheers :)
  14. hey man,after the left front guard,indicator and front valance,how much you want for those? oh and to post to perth,cheers

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