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  1. So, have we found a good supplier of quality strut top bearings yet? I don't really trust the Thailand versions that have 'HIGH QUALITY' imprinted on the rubber. They look a bit tacky, though they do use good NSK bearings. I've contacted other Thai suppliers asking for better photos of their products but always get replies saying, no, we're unable to. How hard is it to take a photo!
  2. Hey Banjo, Thanks for the reply, Yeah, I saw that post through my searching, I didn't want to believe it though. Surely there has to be a way to disconnect the steering column from the box. I got the box out this evening. Not fun, but I was able to leave the interior in tact. I hope it goes back together well. I feel sorry for anybody that has to do the same job with the motor, loom and brake lines still in the way. You wouldn't know if there is any significance to the red streak of paint on the box, would you? I'm trying to keep the car as original as possible and restore it to its original factory spec, glory. Thanks.
  3. Hey, I'm restoring my KE20, finally! I'm trying to remove the steering box so I can give it a refresh and respray the engine bay. I can't find anything on the wild web as of yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Cheers, Joe.
  4. Hey, I'm looking for some old school style tyres for my rolla, but don't want to pay $300 a tyre and wait 3 months from "Antique Tyres"... I'm not interested in getting whitewalls painted on my current tyres, because I want the old school shape and tread pattern of the classic tyres. I'm also not interested in those white wall flapper things, the look terrible. So does anybody know anywhere else I can get some geniune whitewall tyres from? 155/R12 to be more specific. Thanks. Joe. Call me on 0411 573 235 if anybody has anything personally for sale.
  5. I got the exact same problem, got a 4k out of a ke30... Could it be the dizzy, leads or spark plugs?
  6. Hey, Just need a few parts for my e20 resto I'm doing at the moment... - Manual Crossmember - Manual Gear Shifter Rubber Boot - Original Front Springs - 1x 12"wheel/tyre - AMI Badge that goes on the boot lid beside the number plate - 1x Interior Door Handle Surround Let me know what you got. You can call/txt me on... 0411 573 235 Thanks, Joe.
  7. come again? lol... Didn't even realise man, sorry. I havent been on this forum for a few years, I'm back into rolla's again...buying a house can really make things change.
  8. Also need... - AMI badge that goes on the boot lid - interior door handle surround
  9. Hey, just need a few parts for my KE20 resto I'm doing at the moment. -Manual Crossmember -Manual gear shifter rubber boot -Original front springs -Spare 12" rim/tyre Let me know what you got. 0411 573 235. Thanks, Joe.
  10. Yea...been there, they didnt have anything, well he had an apron which was damaged...so no deal.
  11. So nobody has these parts lying around?
  12. I'm looking for ke30 gaurds and a front apron... Somebody must have them lying around doing nothing?
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