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  1. Urgent Sale Due to ilnness in the family, I need to sell my projects For sale is my Ae82 4agze Corolla FXGT Pros: * Ae82 FXGT Front cut conversion (dash/etc included) * 4agze turned over with a battery 12 months ago * Custom role cage * Momo Bucket seats * Momo Steering wheel * Complete - Comes with lots of parts (intercoolers/head/etc) * Very rare car, with lots of parts * Has been engineered to have A 4agze in it (previous to new rules) * All it needs is a blue slip and its ready for rego * Genuine 59000 K's (has been off the road for a long time in storage/etc) * Has been featured in fast 4's (A long time ago) - as a TwinCharged 4agzte * Similar to 4age / ae92 ae82 ae86 * Brand new tyres * Front bumper is in storage seperately and is in Mint condition (with in-bumper indicator) * 4>2>1 Extractors & Sports Exhaust (Sounds awesome) Only weighs 960kg's (Weight Reduction) Cons: * Has been in storage for a LONG time (I've had it 5 years and havnt had it back on the road) * Very Very Dirty * Its currently at my autoelectrician who was going to try and get it up and running for me but doesnt have the time. * I havnt had it running (there is an issue with spark) everything else was working fine when last tested about 12 months ago Looking for around $5k Located on the Central Coast, NSW o4o6 964 729 Shipping (only if you need to): MELB/BRISBANE/SYDNEY $500 DARWIN/ADELAIDE/PERTH $1200 NZ $2000 Full photo database: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PAbTCSJ9MrfGuw7Kn5_gQUC-ssEow7ri?usp=sharing
  2. Details:* SL edition - Completely standard / Original condition* 3k Engine* Original AM Radio with 1 speaker* No cracks in dash* Paint in good condition, unfortunately someone has used a rattle can in some spots (some parts of engine bay, boot lid, roof edges, rear left under window)* All seats are original, but some fading. There is a tear in the top right of drivers seat (7cm round approx), tear in rear seat bottom left (approx 10cm)* Original Factory tachometer on dash (Only came in the SL/Levin models)* Rego till Jan 2020* Has had recent oil/filter change* Radiator flush/new fluid* Speedo has stopped, but not really needed* Easy car to work on (only needs a basic socket set to take the engine out/do any kind of repair on it)* Nothing to be done - Just needs a good clean $9,800 onoInspections welcome / Make an offerLocated: Central Coast NSW (Between Sydney and Newcastle)Can transport to Melbourne/Adelaide/Brisbane for $700 (Perth/Darwin $1500)* For sale elsewhere so might be sold at anytime *
  3. Were you able to find it? :) I'm not sure either. Bolts aren't too much of a problem, how far away are you from the central coast?
  4. Hi all I'm after a tow bar for an ae82 seca Twincam. Cheers, Sam 0406964729
  5. I'm Sorry... but alot of people are trying to avoid answering your real question. These are facts... not my opinion. A guy over on club4ag did this years ago (http://forums.club4ag.com/zerothread?id=4179) Standard 4age (was a bigport, but comp difference between smallport *shouldnt* make any difference). Standard Ecu Standard injectors Standard airflow/map sensor Tiny Turbo = 5-7psi boost. He should've made atleast 100kw atw - thats better then a 20v. This would be even more do-able with a sc12/sc14 because sc's are max 8 (standard pully) anyway, find a bigger pully and the pressure will drop (I thought of even using a powersteering pully to drop it to 4-5psi - to be safe). I'm in the process of doing this just for proof of concept on my ae82 Bigport. sc12/14 - $250-$350 Intercooler/Pipeing - $180 Retard the timing - $0-$50 (either you do it or a mechanic) And maybe changing the pulley to reduce boost - $10 I've tried to do the 20v/gze conversion before... i've owned a gze before.... and its just not worth the hastle trying to swap one in (let alone converting to rwd for you). Everything will go in no worries, but the wiring / getting it to run right is the killer. If you get the auto electrician to do it (a good job) $1500. The standard 4age setup is very adaptable, I'm sure you've noticed this (its why i love them so much). In conclusion.... why spend $2000+ and 3months work to get a 4agze when you can get the power you want with a simple bolt on setup - $500 and 2 days work. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi All, I'm selling my ae82 4ag 20v conversion. It includes complete 20v with all sensors and wireing / ecu (including parts of the car harness, to lights/etc). Its all there, all you need todo is put it in, and its done. All wireing/mounts are included, comes with good clutch and pressure plate/fly wheel. Just bolt it upto your twincam gearbox and off you go. Has good compression on all cylinders. Selling because I'm getting married in 2 weeks, and am running out of money quick :) Located: Blue Haven, Central coast NSW. Price: $800ono Phone: 0406 964 729
  7. Hi Mate, Thanks for the reply. But its probably too good for what i want :), I'm looking to do a 20v conversion, so I really just want a shell with rego, would you make take $1200 for the shell minus the engine? Cheers, Sam.
  8. Hi All, Looking for a cheap ae82 twin cam, don't care if the engine is running or not, rego would be a big + I'm located on the central coast, but don't mind traveling. 0406 964 729 Cheers, Sam.
  9. aannndddreeeee... Love, Slambs.
  10. Sorry Sold awhile ago. forgot to update it :S
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