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  1. Been searching for this thread! I bought this car about a month ago and unfortunately since 2013 when shiryo put so much time and effort into the car It's no where near as clean as it was. It has started rusting and has a few other issues mostly body. The 4k still runs strong and the car drives great! i hope to get it back to the condition you had it in. Cheers for building such a sick car i love it and can't wait to give it some love and have her looking great again.
  2. i know it's a little off topic. but does anyone have any info or a build thread on the white ke30 on your sale post. i own the car now and would love to know more about it
  3. Wtb a ke30 rear bumper live in sydney thanks
  4. where abouts are you located it says sydney but what suburb and does have rego?
  5. I'm looking for my first daily and i don't really want to get defected or anything so i don't think this is what I'm really looking for
  6. A FEW QUESTIONS. how many ks on 4age? does it have rego?
  7. hey mate how much for with engine and box and running? i live in the inner west where abouts you at
  8. if your not a member you can't view shit mate.. wanna hook up some pics some other way maybe... might be interested
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