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  1. no they arent new hey. one has been repaired due to todds dori damage. but they look nice and fresh from distance
  2. That ae93 looks some what familar. Its not bt 20v powered at all? But I guess they all look kinda the same. Being that red they came in.
  3. Todd that car we saw was a ke25 with all te27 goodies on it. The only ke1x I've seen have been rusting away out the front of peoples houses. Not my one of the beta kes anyway.
  4. You could always buy the dizzy relocation kit for the 20v. It mounts the dizzy on the front of the cam cover. Not cheap though. But if you want it done properly id go down that route. Personally 20v isn't the best choice. A nice fresh 16v would be a better option.
  5. I might be interested pending quality, price ect!
  6. What mike has done is the beta option. But I just wanted to do it myself. I'm not 100% happy with the position but I can always fix it up if I get time. Btw mike where did u buy ur te3x crossmember and mounts for those who might want to know?
  7. ae71 is not a ke70. different engine crossmember with an A series engine. and t50 gearbox. a T motor will never bolt up correctly to a ke20 xmember. as ive done the conversion in my ke35 and if i was to do it the way people suggest with X mounts and shit the engine fouls on all kinds of things. but it depends if ur running twin side draughts or ur goin efi. personally i wouldnt use the shit efi that they came with they are an old motor so use carbies. ur best option to convert it to a te20 u will need either xmember from the states or japan. good luck gettin one. or make custom engine mounts. its not hard. i did it and i can't even weld very well. got a mate whos a coded welder to tig them up for me. my 5cents
  8. thanks dan some falcadores even have weldies! wow. the kids on my street do awsum burnouts on peoples front lawn and shit. also donuts in the lil slip street. cool cats yo. all commonwhores of coarse.
  9. Should be there for abit. Don't bother with pizza for me. More for u guys. Pce
  10. Same kind of thing happened to me. But didn't involve a projectile. Just yelling. The quote from some P platers driving what was a commonwhore full of youngins was along the lines of "GET A V8 YOU WEAK c**t" as I was just parked at the intersection with my youngest brother in the passenger seat. And heaps of other people around. Was driving the ke35 at the time. I personally feel a lot of kids have no respect for anyone but them selves. Just like the other p plate commonwhore drivers in my street that do fukn dounuts out the front of my house and rip up peeples lawn. Wtf? If they lost control they would end up smashing my ae86 coupe or down into someones front yard. Through the lounge. My 2cs
  11. Labour donations are good enough. We will be flat stick on sunday arvo damo if u wanna cruz over to todds. (My mums house) Give him a msg or wateva. He's picking the gze up on saturday morning. He might want a hand then. Like cleaning it up and shit. Then preparing for the change over on sunday if we get there. As long as the gaskets rock up in time.
  12. Tj and I should be there as long as todd doesn't go and blow up another gze in the next few weeks. Hoping the change over goes smoothy. Hope everyones prayers are with todd right now. He is taking donations as we speak. *"Help me get my fukn car engineered fund". *conditons apply *notes $50 and above will only be accepted Btw I mite take the 35 to spice things up abit. Only if I can get it tuned by then
  13. Ill bring my 86. Not adm yes jdm coupe bitches. None of this 4ac crap. Just to get us in the mood for some really corny jap anime. Hahaha. Its good though.
  14. Todd just wants ur bumpers. Would look overrated on his gze kesev. Hahah I can find u 3tgte parts just not a complete running engine. So its up to u pm me.
  15. probably. everyone says they are going then they just don't come. so far we have had about 4 meets. not more than 4 cars each time. lots of people talk but don't do. or just forget.
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