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  1. THANKS!! heres a pic of my ke35 with the new ATS classic rims: with her corolla brothers in a recent toyota enthusiast club meet( grupo toyota) my ke35's muffler
  2. oops, sorry. yeah, i think 10 is the basis for high. ill edit it now. :)
  3. AFAIK, the ke35 came with a 3k-B engine. my genuine ke35 (in my sig) came with 3k-b, stock twin carbys from the dealer, and from what i know it has a higher comp rating. a diiferent trim level interior, bumper guards and SR badges. the only exterior mod i did was to change the tailights to te37 units, and kept the original tailights in storage.
  4. doesnt a 3k-B engine already has a 9.1:1 or something compression?. I'm really not sure though... read it somewhere, cos i have a 3k-b in my ke35.
  5. hi everyone!! its been a while and I'm back. my ke35 just got a fresh new coat of paint two weeks ago. and yes we painted it ourselves too. DIY painting. this is the first time we ever attempted to apint a whole car. the color is dark green mica with gold mixed in. well here she is and a quick update: car: toyota corolla ke35 color: dark green mica with gold mix engine: 3kb converted to single carb setup, ported and polished internals, 4-2-1 headers, 1.75 inch piping, twin 4" muffler out back suspension: 2: lowering block in rear, custom fitted coilover springs/sleeves in front wheels/tires: 13x7 mosports on 205/60 tires coming soon: side exhaust pipe, custom half cage, bucket seat. still have to buff and polish her. :P and yes, the bumper isnt aligned yet. :D more pics here of the progress: http://crazee101.multiply.com/photos/album...REEN_Project_SR
  6. hi its been a while since i last posted here. i need some reference photos of the k-series block assembly. i have a 3kb motor in my ke35 and theres no problem getting pics for the head and cover assembly and everyhting else in the engine bay. but my camera can't fit around the bay and i need some reference pictures of the 3/4/5k engine block. if anyone has a k-series motor uninstalled or reference pics for the k-series(especially the block and the details of the block and tranny assembly) please post or send to [email protected] thanks everyone in case you're all wondering why i need the pics although i have a 3k engine, I'm doing a scale model build of the k-series motor to fit into a scale kexx model car. :P :D thakns!!!
  7. filipino here with ke35 3kb power. love the ke discussions
  8. I'm rebuilding my 3k engine right now but later this year, we're gonna drop a race spec 4AF engine. what tranny should i use? will the k40/k50 tranny fit the 4AF engine?
  9. it came w/ stock twin aisins, but i also have twin webbers lying around somewhere in our old house. my dad used to race.
  10. thanks. i live here in the philippines. yup it's a KE35, TE3x's are rare here. i'm happy with my engine right now, and anyway i'm not racing(anymore). maybe in the future i'll swap it out for a 2t or 4age
  11. yup it came stock with the aisin dual carbs. removed it though, gas prices here are high!!! but i'll be putting them back on when i get the engine opened up.
  12. ok. thanks. because on my car, the chassis code is KE35, engine code is 3KB. its still the original plate coz my car has been in our family for 30 years already. mine's came imported from japan 30 years ago
  13. the ke37 pic is the same as my rolla, but the chassis code on my plate is KE35? (confused)
  14. Name: kuki Car: '75 corolla SR ke35 Motor & Driveline: 3KB Suspension & Brakes: stock!!! Wheels & Tyres: 15" la wheel(SC schnitzer style) on 195/50 R15 tires 13" AMG mags, no tires yet Interior: momo selm steering 13", spare luisi 12" steering Body: KE35 body, forest green Other: soon :D pictures: its all here, the build up of my rolla: 'kuki'...http://www.cardomain.com/ride/504790
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