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  1. killa13b

    My Ke30

    well the enigne has been mooked up and is getitng tunnel mad up sorry no pics for a whilei broke my camera in the shed it fell in my watter buket opps but the shells nearly done fuel cell is done a nd mounted and fuel lines are donejust watign on a dif now
  2. killa13b

    My Ke30

    :lolcry: all doors painted no body just about done :lolcry:
  3. killa13b

    My Ke30

    yeah I'm thinking 4 link i got a set up off my mates rx3im try8ign to gt cause he wrote it off but yeah build it rightthe first time u dotn have to build it agin :) :y:
  4. nice coulor looks like the coulor i painted my old hq monaro
  5. tuff as i love them wheels so much i got a pair but gettign them done white but nice little car should go hard
  6. killa13b

    My Ke30

    just a quick one droped mototr off at south coast rotoray getting bridge port and dinoed with new box on it and manifold on new t04e high flowed turbo new injectors and custom planem so far motor ows me just under 8k so hoping to get atlest 250kw at whells out of it if not ium gunna be shattered and bodys comign on good to should be redy to have door jams painted in 2 weeks and and under wheel arches ...
  7. lookign good mateull have to take me for a drive when its done
  8. killa13b

    My Ke30

    :cool: bonet is now in prima after a long week of straghting and sanding to get her perfect but its finally done lol, even thow i had to get a new spray gun..... any one know where to get a putty gun i need one thats y my gun bloked up so much any ways hirs a few pics I'm off to get paint monday :dance:
  9. looks tuff as with the molds on ya mate
  10. killa13b

    My Ke30

    well found out that i have to rub the hole bonet back ber metalcasue of a dodgey reairs done befor on it so angry but arrwell neary alldone about half to do then I'm hgitting the body ow and got a door off joe from this club, thnax heaps mate and a intera peice i needed but she should be painted in 3 weeks and also I'm off to buy the paint on monday got my tax cheeck back and got a god amount back so it paid for all my paint yay lol
  11. got to love the mallpssi regs there so strong for there age
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