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  1. How much with shipping to caringbah nsw 2229 to suit 73 ke25 in black ?
  2. Very keen for a set of tail lights pictured ! Pm me please if you can get some
  3. Tails lights ? Will pay decent money
  4. 28x11.5 on the rear for now , jumping to e85 and more boost should push over 400kw
  5. Cars running a ALS race glide c4 now Took if off the road is was too much of a handfull Yeah doin everything myself which is so much more satisfying
  6. cars undergone MAJOR modification hahaha its in the lastest fast fours magazine atm
  7. hey mate let me kno if you want my globe wheels with the slicks on them they are a 15x4 with ET front 24.5x4x15 and the rear are15x7.5 with 24.5x8x15 ET drag , the rims are performance challenger globes.
  8. hahaha far out ur a bothered c*&t .... lol .... when can i come check it out ?
  9. hey man where did u find the pics ? nice meeting you btw
  10. turned her down to 19psi , around 290-300kw , took her out to WSID , pushed out a [email protected] on street tyres , 205/50/16 . Fairly happy , just need to sort the diff gears out and throw the slicks back on.
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